Why Ai-CRM?

Why choose Ai-CRM for your business?

Why Ai-CRM

When you decide to use the Ai-CRM Enterprise System that does not mean that you have selected to support the Customer Relationship Management. But is that you select a Solution to support both today and the future in a sustainable customer relationship management for your organization. All these was why many customers choose Ai-CRM Enterprise System.
  • Professional Solutions

    Ai-CRM is an Enterprise CRM solution which is Ready-to-use and customers can choose our proven templates to enhance their successes and don’t need to waste time to start from the beginning.

  • Ease of Use & Time to marketing

    AI-CRM Enterprise system is a highly flexible system that can be customized, easy to use and able to start within 1 week.

  • No Software

    No need to invest in additional softwares except Ai-CRM license. Ai-CRM will be your best Total Cost of Ownership system.

  • Cloud Support

    Support Cloud-based Server and Professional Services on SLA of A I System.

  • Leverage

    Enhance work efficiency with SMS, Email, Online, Call Center and platform on Smart Phone.

  • Consulting

    We have completed services consultant in all areas. Included marketing, sales, after sales service, call center, as well as managing KPI with our CRM solution.

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