A I System Co.,Ltd. Provide customers with Professional Services that are different from competitors by 3 services.

Professional CRM Implementation

Provide comprehensive consulting services from planning to management CRM system , Business analysis, training, deployment and support CRM system of Enterprise level. The actual work with the organization to accurately and efficiently to build confidence in the international organization.

Strategic CRM

Advisory services to build on bringing used to corporate CRM system. Each year Strategic Consulting team will present a corporate Update CRM for our customers to develop continuously. To improve the system's relentless and Up-To-Date with the trend of markets and business regularly.

Professional Services   

Professional Provider Services that different more either looking for business consultant famous to guiding direction management CRM for enterprise ,CRM system is connected to internal system for one customer as well. Includes service lot of key information for deliver Email-SMS service so that customers can focus on management enterprise CRM efficiently and A I System Co.,Ltd is pushing the Strategic Partner Supporting shared.

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